TUESDAY, February 9

10:30 am to 12:00 pm PST

Live online on Zoom-FREE

What You'll Receive just for showing up!

Be eligible for gift worth $540.00 just for showing up live and perhaps get picked to have a reading with Alisha who has guided thousands over hundreds of seminars to experience the Archangels. 

  • Experience giving your burdens and suffering  to Spirit through the Archangels and walking free
  • Understand and claim more of  YOUR divine heritage and purpose 
  • Discover the life-changing benefits of working with only the very highest of God’s messengers, the Great Archangels rather than just Angels (and how to know to know the difference!) 

  • Soar right into the heart of God in a mind-blowing experiential guided meditation  
  • Get Questions Answered-Personal Q & A with Dr Alisha Das

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Aubrie Woods

I had just as powerful of an experience in the 1 ½ hour free webinar as I have had in 5-hour long workshops. I was astounded!  I was Intoxicated in the Spirit. Old skins of misunderstandings slipped off me as I experienced a soul remembrance of who I am and what I am being called forward into at this time. Alisha did a meditation that passed us up from one Great Archangel to another all the way to dissolving into the heart of God! Wow!

This was a time-warp power-packed, high vibrational healing experience!  It was clear the Angels had been tending the energetic field of the group container long before we got there, and it was no accident who had been called into it. 

If you’re feeling curious like I was, I encourage you to trust your curiosity and come check this out for yourself. I have zero doubt you will receive a spiritual gift of tremendous value. You will be touched by an Angel. All you need to do is show up and receive.” 

John Morgan

When was the last time you were in the presence of the miraculous, right here in ordinary life? Come experience a beautiful facilitator in this webinar guiding you into a joyful new relationship with the Great Archangels — God’s gift to us as we Souls are God’s gift to them — and awaken your Loving Heart to a brand-new day.

Louise Davidson

I felt deeply relaxed and relieved of stresses I was carrying after the webinar!  I felt a new sense of hope birthing in my Soul. I submersed myself in receiving of the delicacy of spirit, the treasures from heaven to sooth my Soul. Alisha is gifted in being a clear loving vessel for God to express the beauty of light and sound through multidimensional layers that are the fabric of life. 

Phylls Mitz

OHHHH THIS  WAS SOOO WELL DONE! Every single aspect of Alisha's presentation was uplifting, incredibly clear, personal and divine. Alisha pours forth her rare and pristine understanding of the Archangels in a way that shows us how to easily connect with the Loving Grace, Helpfulness, and Guidance Angels can provide. I highly recommend this webinar!

Kim Abercromby

This was an incredibly valuable webinar which enabled me to have a direct, authentic experience of the higher angelic realms. It was evident that Alisha is a powerful and clear conduit for enabling others with her gift, made all the more accessible by being so real and human about it which made me feel both relaxed and inspired to journey on. 

Jeanne Litt

Profound experiences keep happening in these days since the webinar! I experienced clearing through the processes and other peoples' sharing to such a degree that I signed up right away for more. Thank you. I'm hanging on tight for the ride.

Shannon Lloyd

I was transported with the energy and the wisdom of this webinar! What is extraordinary is how the revelations of the archangelic world offered by Alisha so deeply resonated with my own personal experience and challenges. I felt bathed with joy and upliftment! 

Linda Mogitz

There is an amazing amount of love in the experiences brought forward during these webinars. The devotion expressed by the Great Archangelic is available for us. If this is a time of bridging the human with the archangelic, then these classes are the way to go for anyone feeling that they are part of this bridging action to participate. It's also a significant way for us to assist in the Christing of this planet, and actively choosing God's will.